Sony XB10
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Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

IPX5 Water Resistant.

Micro-SUB charging.

Speaker Phone.

16h playtime.

Silicon Strap

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Fits perfectly in my water bottle cage on the bike. Loud enough to hear with not too much traffic or wind. But the best is that it actually sounds very good. Lots of bass for its small size and fun to use in the bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces, too. Recharges quickly and looks good. ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

Inside of the box you'll get the very compact speaker some documentation, there's a reference guide instructions and warranty info. You also get a micro usb cable to charge, there's no wall adapter so you'll need to use your phone charger or something with the usb port to charge the speaker the Sony XB 10 measures about three and a half inches tall it's shorter but otherwise similar to the size of the can of pepsi and it weighs just 260 grams. It's compact and portable making it easy to throw in your bag and it's got a strap that you can use to hang it which is easily removable, the strap also doubles as a little stand for the speaker if you want to turn it on its side, there's a single driver that faces up ford reader and 60 degree sound with a passive radiator that faces down.

Out of the box

There's a metal speaker grille on the top with a rubberized coating around the majority of the speaker the bottom of the speaker is covered in a very grippy textured rubber. The Sony XB 10 doesn't have the fit and finish that you'll find on the larger speakers in the extra bass line and my particular speaker the rubber has some jagged edges and just doesn't have a great fit around the plastic ports, missing are the high-end feeling buttons on the larger sony speakers and instead here replaced with painted on markings it feels solid and durable otherwise but it's not shockproof and it's not meant to be dropped, it is water-resistant it's got an ip x5 rating which means that it's protected from jets of water but it's not fully waterproof, so it'll be fine in the rain or if it gets splashed but you'll want to be careful not to drop it into water there's a water seal door on the back where you'll find an auxiliary input to connect non bluetooth devices a reset button and a micro usb port to charge the speaker next to that you'll find led indicators and all your controls as well as a mic for voice calls the play button will play pause answer end of call and a double press will skip forward a track.

Unlike the other sony speaker there's no way to skip back to the previous track holding down the play button will bring up google or siri on your phone using the add button you can connect another xb 10 speaker and add each play the same thing or have each speaker function as the left and right channel for stereo sound the other speakers in the extra bass line have party chain which let you mix and match the speakers to connect together but this one just lets you connect another xb 10, then there are the volume buttons and power button holding down the power button will also put the speaker into pairing mode the buttons aren't raised but they're responsive and easy to press.

I'm a little disappointed with the build quality mostly because of how well made the other speakers in the sony extra baseliner, sony included nfc here which is a feature I always like to see if you have an nfc enabled device just a quick tap will connect, the speaker bluetooth performances average range isn't as good as the other sony speakers but i was still able to get about 40 feet in my house before the connection drops with the other sony speakers you can connect up to three devices at the same time and take turns playing music between them but i was only able to pair one device at a time with xb 10 I had to disconnect the device before trying to pair with the next.

Battery life is rated at up to 16 hours but in my testing i was able to get about 12 and a half hours and 75% volume which is still impressive for speaker this side the speaker will automatically turn off if not used for 15 minutes and a full charge takes four and a half hours the built-in lights for voice calls is decent but it sounds a little quiet and a little like you're in the distance moving on to the sound of the speaker i was really impressed with the sound quality especially the amount of bass that this can produce there's a single 46 millimeter driver powered at five watts with a single passive radiator that can deliver bass that can get pretty low, the bass gradually rolls off at about 75 to 60 hertz so deep bass that's typically lost with speakers this size is actually present here which I wasn't expecting bases punchy and clean for the most part although when pushed the bass does distort the speaker sounds best at about 80 percent louder than that you can hear the bass struggling and distorted full blast the mids are decent nothing special they can get a little muddy but the vocals come through clean the highs are very good they're crisp and retain detail even at full blasts. With the speaker pointed up you'll get 360 degrees sounds that sounds balanced overall and will fill a room, but if you turn the speaker on its side then it becomes very directional and the mids and highs really stand out so if you're at your desk you can aim the speaker right at you if you want a brighter sound the XB 10 gets pretty loud for its size topping out at about 81 decibels from 1 meter away which is enough for a small room or patio in my opinion, but it's not nearly as long as XB 20 or 30 which can easily exceed 90 decibels.

The Sony XB 10 isn't a bad speaker it's missing the premium feel that the other sony speakers have but it sounds really good for its small size and if you're looking for a tiny speaker to throw on your bag and take with you this fits the bill it has great battery life it's water-resistant and has nfc but if you don't need something so small and can spare the extra money you'd be much better off with the larger Sony XB 20 or the jbl flip 4.