Samsung Radiant360 R3
9 Reviews
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Exquisite Sound via Ring Radiator Technology.

Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, TV Sound connect.

5" Subwoofer.

1.0 Channel 18-Watt.

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Within 2 minutes of having the speaker out of the box, I had it paired to my iPhone playing music. With my volume set to 30%, this thing shook the foundation of my apartment and probably woke up a few neighbors. This is a great speaker for a BBQ, beach day or being fined for disturbing the peace on your street. It comes with a neat little bag that you can wear as a backpack, so if you're "that" guy in public blasting the soundtrack to your life, this is for you. I Highly recommend it. ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

So this is the radiant r3 what do you get with this device you get a touch sensitive control top you get a set of speakers that are the woofers and tweeters, all wrapped inside this cylindrical device that spits out audio in a 360 degree format it actually is pretty impressive now we've reviewed some products from pulk we've looked at Sonos personally and I have to say it was quite impressed with the amount of air even that the radiant 360 r3 pushes from about 10 feet away I could actually feel the lower end of the mids upper end of the bass or the lows it was actually displacing a good amount of air so you could actually kind of feel the thump. Now this doesn't feel the thump like if you had some 10 inch subwoofers in your car not that kind of thump but you could actually feel the kick from those mid hips you could actually feel the kick from those the top end of the bass spectrum from about 10 feet away.

It was really impressive and it truly is a 360 degree sound because as I was moving around the speaker when I had it in my home the sound didn't change and it sounded phenomenal like some of the other competitors you compare two different r3s together for stereo sound the upgrade to this is if you want to pair more speakers together you can actually pair them together for surround sound so you can actually take a series of the Samsung Radian R3 speakers and actually configure them to work as surround sound speakers, so that is actually a pretty function of it so not only is it multi-room compatible so you can have a speaker in each room of your home and pass music from one set of speakers to the next or be playing completely different tracks in different parts of the room but again you can set a bunch of different speakers up in one room and use them as a surround sound system. Now it's important to note what kind of music you can listen to with Samsung's r3 in this case it'll decode HD audio when we're over Wi-Fi and it supports 2.4 and 5 gigahertz bands from your router so the audio formats that it will decode it will decode AAC but it has to be DRM free it'll play mp3s up to 320 kilobits per second it'll play waves WAV files up to 192 kilohertz 24-bit files WMA files ala C files AIFF files OGG and flack again the hide the high def files it will play up to 192 kilohertz 24-bit files the multi room app is compatible with Android version 2.3.3 and above and iOS 6.0 and above that's on your iPhone iPad or your iPod touch.

Sound Quality.

This speaker is really really good crisp highs mids and lows punchy mids and lows it's you know it's not a 15 inch subwoofer so you can't expect earth-shattering bass but for the size that it is for what it is again it's really moving some air really disturbing those air molecules so that you're going to feel it from like 10 feet away but the only caveat with my recommendation of this device would be that if you're wanting to build a multi room or multi speaker system let's say you want to build out the surround sound or do a stereo pair these are running at about $199 so in order to get a stereo pair you're going to pay a little under $500 if you're going to build like that 5.1 system with these speakers maybe that you've been thinking about building setting up as a surround sound system you're going to pay over a thousand dollars for that so it's just something you really have to weigh if it's in your budget if you're really an audiophile because again it can decode those HD those high-definition audio files those FLAC files are files all those files, so it's really about your budget and what you're looking for you're just looking for something to put in the kitchen something to maybe put in the bathroom the bedroom where you can access your music from a mobile device or you're really looking to build a movable surround sound system that you can listen to maybe in the living room or in the bedroom or in the gaming room and if you want to move it it's easy to do that what are you looking to build that's up to you I hope I've made that clearer for you.