Photive M90
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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof & Shock-Absorbing Design - (IPX5 certified).

Experience Bass Like Never Before.

Bigger, Stronger & Better - 20 Watts Of Power.

Extended Battery Life- 10-hr Battery Life to Keep the Beats Going.

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This is my second Photive M90. I received one as a present 6 months ago and it has been kept in my sailboat since then. It has endured the harsh sea salty environment and the ocasional rain quiet well. Still sounds as good as day one. Battery life is amazing!! Very good product for the outdoors. This new one will be in our camping equipment bag for sure. ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

Inside of the box you'll find the speaker a micro USB cable to charge a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary cable to connect non bluetooth devices and a user guide, like most other inexpensive speakers a wall adapters not included the Photive M90 is a rugged industrial look the body has a rubberized two-tone finish the speaker grills made of aluminum and you'll find that the grille and the handles are secured with black screws. The M90 measures in at 11 inches wide 4 inches deep and 6 and a half inches tall including the handle the speaker feels solid too it weighs in at about 2 pounds on the front you'll find the two front-facing drivers each powered at 8 watts and on the rear you'll find the subwoofer, also on the back behind the weather sealed door is the auxiliary input as well as the microUSB charging port with an LED indicator that will light up red one charging the controls are all on the top there's a power button volume down and up which can also skip to the previous or next track with a long press and there's the play and pause button which also function as an answer and end call button as well as the bluetooth pairing button a long press will put it into pairing mode the buttons have a nice tactile feel and click there's a blue LED indicator behind the front grille as well on the bottom are four rubber feet as well as a screw mount if you like to mount this to a tripod this speaker has a great build quality and overall feels very nice. The Photive M90 is shockproof and IPX5 certified which means that it's protected from water jets, so you won't want to fully submerge it in water but it will hold up to rain and splashes of water just fine. I should point out though that in the manual it actually says "Do not expose the speaker to rain moisture and any kinds of liquid", in my test that held up the splashing and sprays of water just fine but if you're looking for a totally waterproof speaker there are plenty other options out there.

The box says up to ten hours of playback on a single charge but in my test I was able to get a whopping 23 hours of battery life spread out over three days at around 67% volume which I considered pretty loud it'll automatically power down as well when not connected to a device charging though does take a bit long a full charge will take around six hours unlike more expensive bluetooth speakers the M90 doesn't have NFC for quick pairing preparing the speaker with your device is still simple, bluetooth is rated at just 33 feet where some other speakers can have a range of up to 50 feet but in my test I was able to get over 50 feet easily able to get a solid connection all over my house through multiple walls and it only started to break up after I walked outside my house. Bluetooth performance was great overall with perfect uninterrupted playback it'll automatically connect the last pair device when you power it on each time but unlike some other more expensive speakers out there you can't pair multiple speakers together for simultaneous playback.

Sound Quality.

Moving on to the sound quality it performs very well for a 50 dollar speaker and sounds almost as good as a speaker that cost twice as much the two drivers do a good job delivering a pretty balanced sound and the subwoofer delivers punchy responsive bass, bass is deep and full but it does distort just a bit nearing full blast something you won't likely notice but it is there when playing tracks with deep bass at full blast when there's no other instruments going the mids are very clear and the vocals are well defined the mid seem to drown out the highs just a bit especially at high volume but the highs are clean and crisp, you won't find an amp like you will with more expensive speakers to give you more control of the sound but the speaker is very accurate overall and can get very loud too in my test I measured it at over 93 decibels at 1 meter from the speaker comparing this is something like the JBL charge 3 the M90 was noticeably louder they charged 3 measured in at 90 decibels it's got a nice open airy sound and sounds like a much larger speaker so the M90 sounds very good overall but the bass can distort just a little bit in your full blast. The speaker can easily fill a medium and large-sized room and it performs great outdoors too. You can also use M90 as a speakerphone call quality is just okay you can hear the caller loud and clear but as with most of these bluetooth speakers the caller on the other end can tell you're on a speakerphone my voice came through loud and clear but if I was a few feet away my voice sounded like I was in a dungeon when you get closer to the speaker though it sounds much better on the other end, so better than advertised battery life solid audio performance and a great build quality make the photo of M90 a solid bluetooth speaker especially for 50 dollars.