OontZ Curve
330 Reviews
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


HEAVY METAL ENCLOSURE available in five high gloss colors .

UP TO 5 HOURS OF PLAY TIME from the rechargeable lithium-ion battery .


WIRELESS HANDS FREE Bluetooth personal speaker phone .

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This little speaker is amazing. You seriously can't beat the sound from something so small. It out ranks the larger one Cambridge sells. It fits in the palm of your hand and travels great if your on the road. The battery also hangs in there for hours of play. I've used it during a party hanging with friends and it played for well over 6 hours at full volume.. ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

The Oontz curved ultra portable wireless bluetooth speaker has great sound quality for such a small speaker it connects wirelessly with your bluetooth devices to your phones, tablets you name. It has a runtime of up to five hours it has a rechargeable lithium battery that you could charge in the back it also comes with USB micro connection it has a heavy metal enclosure it comes in multiple high-gloss colors and the price is very affordable, you get a very high quality bluetooth portable speaker it's the perfect speaker to take with you anywhere that you go and be the life of the party.

The Oontz curve pairs very easily to your bluetooth devices so you just turn it on has very simple interface to it once it connected then you can begin to play, in the front there's a little microphone because it does have speakerphone capabilities you could do track forward and back play and pause the track forward and back buttons also serve as volume control, you have a USB micro connection and then an auxilary affection here's if you want to connect it to a radio that might not have bluetooth capabilities and that's a bit about the interfaces you could also connect to your phone.

Sound Quality.

Well as you can imagine due to that size the bass might be a little bit diminished but the rest of the sound spectrum sounds really really nice and focused has great vocals for the price it's really hard to beat that for as low as $24 it's just a fantastic price for such portable speaker that feels a lot more expensive than it actually is and that brings us to the next category which is size and weight has a very solid feel it's quite heavy for it's size it doesn't feel like a cheap speaker by any means it's not gonna tip over or walk across the tables because it has it's such a solid feel to it it's not gonna rattle tables either it has a very compact design of the which is great for traveling or on the go music enjoyment if you're at a park at a party etc this is the speaker that you want to have for that I really enjoy the speakerphone capability on it it's real nice bonus feature for on-the-go conference calls it's very accessible phone answer button so instead of answering your phone normally you could just press the button on the top to answer a phone call they might be coming in next the aesthetics of it it's very very stylish in appearance.

I like that the speaker design it's not just a one direction where you might have it up against the wall and just a single direction it's getting the sound but instead it's gonna fill up the entire room just by the placement of how the speaker is on, it blends right in with the surroundings you could have it up on the on your fireplace mantel or a place like that just tuck it in the corner when you're having a party and just have some very discreet music enjoyment, again the connectivity is very very easy on this it's very simple to set it up and then once it's paired and you know just turn it on its gonna connect to your bluetooth device very simply, it even announce when it's connected, the battery life on this thing is very very good I find that on average it's around 4 hours you can get up to 5 hours but I find that with the kind of music that I'm listening to around 4 hours is what you're gonna see. So basically if you're just listening to this thing maybe 45 minutes a week a day per week or you're gonna charge it about once a week with normal use, you have longer battery life with lower volumes. The bottom texture is rubberized which is great for grip to whatever surface it's on so it's not gonna slide around on the table due to the the rubberized texture of the bottom and I also find the bluetooth range awesome it's get around 20 feet as I walk in the door it will automatically be paired even I walk around our home and it's always gonna be connected and those are all the pros I highly recommended this for those people who are in tight budget and want a very portable speaker which can be toss around.