Bose SoundLink Revolve
659 Reviews
Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Deep, loud and immersive sound, with True 360-degree coverage.

Seamless aluminum body is durable and water resistant (Ipx4).

Enjoy up to 12 hours of play time from a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery.

Wireless Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts; easily take calls and access Siri or Google now.

Pair two speakers together for stereo or party mode playback.

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This speaker is outstanding. The sound it creates fills the room and has plenty of depth & bass. I purchased the small speaker and can't imagine needing the large one. I would highly recommend this speaker. ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

The first thing that you'll notice is how compact this speaker is considering this is price in the range of large bluetooth speakers at $300 it's smaller than the competitors though the UE mega boom and of course the JBL extreme so portability would be more ideal here the revolved plus model includes a carrying handle which I would have expected it to be a little bit more elastic but it still serves its purpose though now you don't get this on the smaller revolved model so just be aware of that in addition Bose has responded to the competition by offering several rugged features their revolve plus is bump resistant if you accidentally knock this over let it fall on the ground as I've tested myself the speaker is perfectly fine in addition the speaker is now ipx4 certified it cannot be submerged underwater Provos but the ipx4 rating does allow this to be caught in the rain or splashed on so definitely take that into consideration before buying if you don't think you're going to have this fall into the pool you'll be perfectly fine.

Now I'm taking a look at the top you have your on and off button and I absolutely love this feature here when you do turn it on the voice prompt gives you the percentage of battery remaining, now moving to the left is bluetooth pairing which most claims up to 30 linear feet is achievable I was able to get 40 feet with no issues on the other side is a volume up and down and in the middle is the action button to answer phone calls and use this just like a speakerphone when a call comes in and with that same action button when music is going you can tap that to pause and play or skip and go back on your songs holding this button down though will activate Google now or Siri whichever device or phone that you have connected through this speaker now moving over to the far right you have your input selection here besides bluetooth you can listen to audio with a 3.5 millimeter wire or a micro USB cord that's connected to your PC and if it's connected to your computer while listening to audio this speaker will charge now as always with all my bluetooth speaker battery test I left this on at 50% and was able to achieve 10 hours and 12 minutes until the battery died now it's nothing stellar as one older bluetooth speakers at this price range are getting around already 15 to 16 hours and to my actual test results wasn't close to the possible 16 hours that Bose was claiming now recharging from a dead battery to full here did take about 4 hours to do. So the very last physical feature here before I talk about these 360-degree audio performance is NFC with a near field communication enabled phone you can tap right on that boast logo and the phone will pair for you no need to go through your bluetooth settings.

Sound Quality.

Now first thing bass quality on this is thumping it's booming at times and has Authority more likely associated with a bass boost it's sound signature it doesn't hit sub bass it doesn't hit JBL extreme territory but it's more impressive than the UE mega boom it doesn't distort the bass is very much within reason with the rest of the audio frequencies and I'm sure most average consumers will enjoy this as for the mid-range where most of the vocals and where you hear most musical instruments they do well the Bose SoundLink Revolved keeps it balanced with not being bright or to Ford now I would probably prefer a little bit more formas in general my personal taste there but overall the mid-range is still very clean and very easy to listen to without any listening fatigue the same for the high frequencies as well or snare drums and cymbal crashes would occur there is roll-off to keep it from going overboard yet both keeps it with a balanced sound signature once again that's not too recessed and not too sharp or tingey overall the revolve provides in my opinion a very good quality sound signature now if you do turn this up to maximum volume which is loud for sure you do have some of the low range bass frequencies drowning out or overcoming some of the vocals though it's not bad at all it is something that I did notice but at the end of the day the average consumer again would find us within reason and again that's only at maximum volume.

Now if I were to compare this directly with the Bose Soundlink 3 the revolve does lose some soundstage some fidelity and some audio separation but because of this design the revolves speakers do give off full 360 degrees sound you place this in the middle of the room and you're getting sound no matter where you walk it's quite satisfying now for a size of a mid-range bluetooth speaker this is still able to fill up a large room and if you have 2 of these speakers with the Bose Connect app or a combination of physical buttons you can either enable a party mode or stereo mode the former offers two of these Bose speakers to play and sync and the latter provides left and right audio separation now they both app itself comes in handy for enabling this feature and checking your better levels manually syncing to revolve to other device is through the app here better than that there's no equalizer or sound profiles so in the end here comparing apples to apples comparing this to other portable 360-degree sounding bluetooth speakers it sounds very good if not the best the only negatives though and I would ask myself this if I was on the fence of buying do I need a speaker that is submersible at the pool do I need a speaker that is even more rugged in or do I need something with better better in life? I would say answer those questions and I'm sure you'll be in the right direction.