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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof IPX7.

20w powerful sound, stereo pairing function.

Durable, Rugged tough design.

Rechargable battery, hands free function.

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This speaker is amazing and for the price, it is loud, lasts about 2 days on one charge, and pairs automatically. It's fully waterproof and is safe sitting next to the pool, beach or wherever your travels take you. ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

AOMAIS Sport II comes with a micro USB flat cable 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and 10% off coupon on your next purchase and a warranty quick guide user manual, it also include a floaty that you can put in the pool since it's IPX. They are built solid they feel heavy in the hand, it has rubber on top so if you're gonna be dropping them it's gonna be protected and then you have a metal grill finish seal up where the USB and the auxilary is gonna be plugging in charge then a headphones and in the back we have a warm note please "remember to seal up the flap for the USB and auxiliary", it's telling you that you can use this underwater so in the case of this dropping into the water is still going to play and then there's a little subwoffer in the back and then there's the two speakers in the front so it will be really good loud and it's has a mounting bracket at the bottom so if you're planning to hook it up it on a tripod it's ready or hook it on the bikes or any ideas you can put, i/o we got the power, play, pause, skip, volume control and LED indicator, it's a NFC certified so you can pair any devices easily.

Sound Quality.

Overall sound signature is actually surprisingly good the mids are great highs are good really crank it then you start to lose the clarity but they're still there, bass is super punchy for what this thing is again it gets a little bit muddled it's not the clearest but this is a off-brand bluetooth speaker but it still provides some very good sound signature.

I am honestly impressed even at full volume they do not distort at all they sound super bassy they're loud for how tiny they are it sounds so good that I can definitely say that these are worth it. It can be use in any event, gaming or listen to audio for six seven eight hours if you're turning it up or even up to ten if you have it at 50% volume, even at 50% volume it's very loud even if you're several yards away from it you can still hear this thing and the ability to answer calls if you wanted to it does have a microphone and then it uses speakers so you can answer. I highly recommened this for it's price you can get more than what it offers.