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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Attractive Bamboo Detailing on a Powerful Speaker.

3 EQ Modes.

Long Play and Power Bank.

Pairable Surround Sound.

Attractive Design: Made of high-quality natural bamboo and eco-friendly organic fabric materia.

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This speaker is awesome! I used it over the weekend for a family gathering and everyone kept asking me where I got it from. I even had someone offer me cash on the spot for it. I bought the first generation but was not happy with it, now with the second generation, they hit the spot! ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

AOMAIS Life is awesome! In the box you get this premium bluetooth speaker, a quick set-up guide a card for tech support just in case you have any issues with it a power brake with a USB cable and you get a 3.5 millimeter cable when you want to plug it in without the bluetooth, on top of the speaker you're gonna find that charge in the LED light a multi-function light a 3 EQ button a volume up and down and also you can change the tracks with these buttons a bluetooth connectivity button and you're gonna find your power button. On the back side there's a subwoofer to give you the additional amount of bass and then you have an output so you can run this over to your cellphone and charge it while you're on the go, your power input and auxilary input. The speaker also has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from slipping the speaker is packed with 30 watts of power and the cool thing is you can pair two of these together to create a 60 watt surround sound. Now it does have these nice drivers in the front and with that passive on the back you can get this full bass surround sound now it takes about three hours to charge it and out of that you're going to get about 10 hours of use with 50% volume so if you really want to crank it up expect to get about three to four hours out of it and since it has a power bank built in is easily to charge your phone the bluetooth from this speaker is awesome in fact this speaker gives you 50 feet of range where the average bluetooth device only allow you to go 33 feet.

Sound Quality.

I thoroughly enjoy the different EQ settings of AOMAIS Life it's a blast it's nice to mess around with songs, but for me this isn't a traveling speaker this is a nice home speaker I think if you have nice wooden kitchen or an office this would fit very very very well it's cool it looks good it sounds good and it just it works as supposed it was for the price of $54 you'll never regret this speaker and I do recommend it. My only issue similar to any bluetooth device is when this is paired to my phone I like to watch youtube videos as you know it does not sync the audio video from your phone this is definitely just meant for a music listening environment and not really music videos not really videos in general because it just doesn't sync, sound effects are delayed like a half second delay it fluctuates sometimes there's no delay and sometimes there is a delay I don't know if it's the type of bluetooth chip they're using in this but it simply is not consistent I simply cannot recommend this as a video watching experience it is definitely a music experience only because of that sync issue but it sounds good for music listening experience and I do recommend it.