AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers
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Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

IPX7 Waterproof.

AOMAIS Go Makes the Party.

Booming Bass and Full Volume.

Long Play Time, Fast Charge.

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Within 2 minutes of having the speaker out of the box, I had it paired to my iPhone playing music. With my volume set to 30%, this thing shook the foundation of my apartment and probably woke up a few neighbors. This is a great speaker for a BBQ, beach day or being fined for disturbing the peace on your street. It comes with a neat little bag that you can wear as a backpack, so if you're "that" guy in public blasting the soundtrack to your life, this is for you. I Highly recommend it. ~ Amazon Review

What's inside?

Let's first jump into the physical design prolly retro music lovers out there the AOMAIS Go is almost an old much-loved boombox of the 80s and 90s with a built in handle on top and button placement in the center, all it needs is a cassette player and a pullout antenna to complete the look. This is one of the biggest portable bluetooth speakers I've ever tested out coming in at 13 and a half inches in length and around 7 and a half inches tall, the speaker is definitely more rugged and utilitarian as opposed to being refined and made to please the eyes not to say that the speaker is ugly but it's not going to win any best looking speaker awards anytime soon, that being said though I find how AOMAIS is pretty unapologetic about its design choice and backs up their decision with rock-solid durability the speaker is made mostly out of plastic but it's covered in this nice soft touch grippy material with the exception of the speaker grilles on the front and back being made out of metal there are four primary buttons a button for power, play, pause and buttons for volume control and track skipping though they are covered in rubber the buttons are nice and clicky you can feel and hear the tactile switch when you press on them which is always nice, on both sides of the speakers you'll notice two areas for ports buried underneath heavy duty rubber covers on one side you have the micro USB into charge the speakers an auxilary line in and a standard USB port that could be used to charge devices using its internal battery.

On the other side you have a line in for a microphone definitely the first time I've seen this in any bluetooth speaker but cool to have specially if you're all about that karaoke life now the rubber guards are necessary because this speaker is IPX7 certified waterproof this means that you can essentially take this speaker underwater up to 33 feet without any issues at all for up to half an hour which is pretty dope. Perfect for pool parties or a trip out to the beach as a splash here there won't even come close to phasing this guy as functionality is concerned the AOMAIS Go comes equipped with a mammoth 7,200 milliamp hour battery that can produce up to 30 hours of music playback and can be used to charge other devices using the USB port mentioned earlier, pairing your device is a piece of cake just power on the speaker and you'll get a nice pleasant voice prompt to let you know that you're powered on and that the speaker is ready to pair, search for AOMAIS Go on your bluetooth devices on your phone selected and bam you're good to go.

Sound Quality.

Now the speaker boasts 215 watt drivers in the front as well as to passive subwoofers on the back making for one powerful 30 watt beast and in case that's not enough for you if you have two of these guys they have the ability to easily pair with each other to double up on the sound so let's really get into the meat and potatoes of this review and talk about the speakers sound quality given the specs I have to say my expectations were higher than normal having said the first time I paired up and played some music it was so loud I had to scramble that turned on the volume and no joke my phone showed that I was only at three bars of volume oh yeah this speaker is legit loud and overall the sound quality is really quite nice bass lovers rejoice because the speaker is definitely bass in hands not to say that it's overkill in low-end but you can tell it was definitely designed with bass in mind, and it doesn't completely ruin the sound signature the sound is still well balanced and the speaker is a pleasure to use when listening to multiple different genres of music.

Overall this speaker is perfect for your folks who love to be outdoors whether it be for barbecue in the backyard or for a camping trip with your buddies, the AOMAIS Go as a solid reliable go-to for your music playback needs.